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SUBES Website refresh

Client: SUBES El Salvador -- Project: Website design refresh
The client wanted to keep the old layout but with new arts and a new concept. The while website design was refreshed with a much more energetic concept, featuring vibrant colors and buttons.


Website: StopOver Landing Page

Clients: CASATUR (Salvadoran chamber for tourism) and the Ministry of Tourism -- Project: Design and implementation of website for StopOver program
El Salvador International Airport sees thousands of passengers in daily traffic, and some of them spend 6 to 8 hours between flights. The StopOver program targets these people, offering tourism packages without extra costs in the flight ticket. It was my job to design and implement the landing page where all tourists-to-be will be directed to answer all their questions and access the program. My clients asked me to make a simple yet appealing design, where people could find everything they wanted in a single screen. The website is 100% responsive and comes in spanish/english versions.


Website: subes.com.sv

Client: SUBES El Salvador -- Project: Website design
The main idea behind the design of SUBES's website is simplicity. Every single option is presented to the user on the starting window, or landing page. There is no need to scroll down. The idea behind is is making it easier and faster for the user to get any questions solved and to access its Virtual Attention Center for his/her prepaid card.


Website: elperiodista.com.sv

Client: El Periodista -- Project: Design a powerful online newspaper
This was a challenging project and took a couple of months. I designed the website layout, feel and concept, to be compatible with the brand (which I had designed before). The website has a fresh and modern feel to it, it is easy to read and to navigate. The main focus in my mind was to make the newspaper super easy to use for any person, without saturating the eyes. It is a very powerful construct that is in constant communication with the different components. To make it, we used Joomla as a CMS, but the website was built from scratch, not using any template since no one got close the design I had in mind. It is designed to attract younger audiences, not fitting into the classic newspaper aesthetics, and presenting much more colors in a subtle and elegant way.

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