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Clients: CASATUR (Salvadoran chamber for tourism) and the Ministry of Tourism -- Project: Design and implementation of website for StopOver program
El Salvador International Airport sees thousands of passengers in daily traffic, and some of them spend 6 to 8 hours between flights. The StopOver program targets these people, offering tourism packages without extra costs in the flight ticket. It was my job to design and implement the landing page where all tourists-to-be will be directed to answer all their questions and access the program. My clients asked me to make a simple yet appealing design, where people could find everything they wanted in a single screen. The website is 100% responsive and comes in spanish/english versions.

Juan Pablo Bolaños

Hi! I am a man in love with what he does! My work as a Graphic Designer fills me with pride and satisfaction, especially when I implement the ideas of my customers and transform them into beautiful and, more importantly, useful designs! Check my portfolio and don't forget to contact me! Website:

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