Illustrations for Tarjeta SUBES (pre-paid bus cards - El Salvador)

Client: SUBES El Salvador -- Project: Design for Tarjeta SUBES
Prepaid bus cards are something of a novelty in El Salvador. The company wants the card to become something the salvadorans can adopt as their own. The motifs for the cards are, therefore, reflections of the country's cultural heritage, natural beauty and daily life. I decided to give the cards a "hand-finished" kind of art to make the people feel more drawn to it and feel identified with the scene portrayed in the card, since it was clearly made by a salvadoran artist. Furthermore, the paintings may seem unfinished or somewhat lacking in detail, but I remind you that they were meant to be printed in small cards. The results were more than satisfactory, with enough level of detail for the small cards.
The cards depict:
1. The national bird and tree: the Torogoz is the National Bird in El Salvador. The National Tree is called Maquilishuat, and its beautiful pink flowers bloom in the months of march, april and may.

2. The Torito Pinto: El Salvador has a long heritage of patronal celebrations in honor of saints. One part of the festivities are fireworks, especially the Torito Pinto.

3. Coffee and its flower: Since its introduction during colonial times, Coffee has become part of our daily lives and our culture. El Salvador produces one of the best coffees in the world in its high lands.

4. La Libertad Port: One of the main targets for the card was the people living in the port city of La Libertad. I captured a beautiful sunset with the artisan dock as the main character.

5. Folk dance in front of the Dolores Church in Izalco: Part of the country's heritage are its many folk dances, usually performed during the town festivities. Such festivities are always in honor of the patron saint of the town or city. The spanish colonial heritage is strong and beautiful, as can be seen behind the dancers, on the colonial church portrayed as a background.

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